Why Is Search Experience Optimization Important?

Each search engine query presents the user with several options. In many cases, poor-quality or irrelevant sites attain first-page results through unfocused search engine optimization techniques. From the perspective of the end-user, these sites may not accomplish the purpose of the original search.

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RDFaCart: A Web 3.0 Ecommerce Solution

When attempting to expand your business, search engine optimization can help potential customers find your business, but once you get them to your site, there still remains the process of converting visitors into customers. That’s where an effective ecommerce solutions program will pay for itself many times over.

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Social Media is a whirlwind that is taking cyberspace by storm

With over 83% of online users being involved in some form of social media, it should come as no surprise that marketers are flocking to the social media sites themselves.

Worldwide over 47% of marketers are making use of social media to increase their business. In North America the number of marketers using social media jumps to 58%. But while they are to be commended for having a good eye for market trends and being willing to identify untapped customer potential, there are a number of problems that come with the territory. Continue reading “Social Media is a whirlwind that is taking cyberspace by storm” »

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New Web Technologies and SEO Forum Growing Quickly

Nearly a month has passed since the SEO Workers Web Technologies & SEO Forum was launched, and John S. Britsios, CEO of SEO Workers, reports that growth has continued at a healthy pace.

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Internet Marketing – Measuring your Advertising Dollars

Whether you’re a local off-line business who needs to develop an internet strategy or an online retailer or affiliate marketing that needs to attract more traffic, internet marketing is a crucial part of success.

One of the main reasons that internet marketing is important for business advertising is that it allows you to measure your advertising dollars in a way that traditional advertising–even word-of-mouth–cannot measure. Continue reading “Internet Marketing – Measuring your Advertising Dollars” »

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Ecommerce Solutions Implementation And The Aspects To Consider

If you are running a business you know, that just owning it does not take you much further. In order to achieve something with your business your have to think in insightful perspective. This means that you should specialize in a product. When this has become clear you can think about ecommerce as a solution to spin up your business.

Solutions can be quite wide. Although, it is virtual, do not think about your business as a play time activity. This is real business. The basic element is the questions: what do you want out of it? Continue reading “Ecommerce Solutions Implementation And The Aspects To Consider” »

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SEO Tools To Ensure Proper Ranking

SEO Tools can be used for proper rankings within the search engines. Many tools exists to help a person increase the rankings of their business sites. These tools will examine the meta tags on your site and let you know that they are typed correctly.

Along with ensuring the tags are typed correctly they ensure they are placed correctly. Correct placement of tags in a web page can ensure that the search engines will find the web site. Continue reading “SEO Tools To Ensure Proper Ranking” »

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A Look At Sheer SEO’s Online SEO Tool

There are a lot of different ways that you can keep an eye on how your website or sites are doing in terms of search engine optimization.

There are any number of tools out there, both commercially available and free which webmasters can use to monitor the results of their SEO efforts; today we’re going to have a look at one commercial online SEO software produced by Sheer SEO.

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Bot Herding: The Ultimate Tool for PageRank Sculpting

Googlebot has, in the past, mistakenly moved valuable pages into the Google supplemental index or has passed PageRank to pages that do not need to rank  i.e login, register, subscribe, e.t.c. Therefore it is necessary to guide these bots if you want to avoid such problems. But how can you guide them? Bot Herding: The Ultimate Tool for PageRank Sculpting.

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SEO Analysis Tool Firefox & Flock Extension

SEO Workers Analysis Tool extension allows you to perform a basic SEO analysis of the page in your browser with a single click. Want to check if you web site is search engine friendly? If you use the browsers Firefox of Flock, you are only two steps away!

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