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Google introduced X-Robots-Tag directive

Google introduced the new X-Robots-Tag directive, which adds Robots Exclusion Protocol (REP) META tag support for non-HTML pages, like PDF, Videos, Spreadsheet files, etc. You can have the same control over such indexed file types.

X-Robots-Tag: unavailable_after: 31 Dec 2007 23:59:59 EST

Also be aware that REP META tags can be useful for implementing noarchive, nosnippet, and now unavailable_after tags for page-level instruction, as opposed to robots.txt, which is controlled at the domain root.

Google introduced “unavailable_after” Meta tag

Google introduced a new META tag that allows you to tell them when a page should be removed from the main Google web search results called unavailable_after tag. This one follows a similar syntax to other META tags. For example, to specify that an HTML page should be removed from the search results after 7pm Eastern Standard Time on 19th August 2007, simply add the following tag to the first section of your page:

<META NAME="GOOGLEBOT" CONTENT="unavailable_after: 19-Aug-2007 19:00:00 EST">

That information will be treated as a removal request, which it will take about a day after the removal date passes for your page to disappear from the search results. Currently they only support unavailable_after for Google web search results.

After the removal, your page will stop showing in Google search results but it is not removed from their system.

Search Engine Friendly Permanent Redirects

In this tutorial I describe you how to properly implement search engine friendly redirects using an HTTP 301 status code and Location header.

Top 10 SEO Mistakes

Search engine optimisation (SEO) campaigns are a double-edged sword. It’s like traveling in space: one wrong calculation here and one there and you can end up billions of light-years away from your destination. In this post the author is going to suggest 10 SEO mistakes that you should definitely avoid. There are 100s of things that can go wrong, but these top 10 SEO mistakes can cause you the most harm.

Marriage of SEO & Accessibility Prevents Lawsuits, Increases Visibility

One purpose is to communicate your site content to blind search engine spiders, which can’t hear auditory content either. If only we would pay attention to the W3C, the web would be fully accessible to all and completely search engine friendly. Hindsight and attention to historical web developments might serve to make us aware that SEO and accessibility are interwoven.


What do search engines display when your pages are in the results of a search? I describe techniques you can use to help refine what people see about your page.

Google Accessible Web Search for the Visually Impaired

In recognizing the benefits of providing their resources to the visually impaired, as well as other handicapped individuals, Google Labs is developing a product known as Accessible Search.
Is your web site accessible? What does that have to do with SEO? My article introduces you to Google Accessible Search and what it could mean to you and your business.

Search Engine Indexing of Secure Pages

Is Google indexing your secure pages? Would you like it not to do so? Learn how to avoid or correct what could be a serious problem with your SEO strategy. You may experience serious canonicalization problems if the secure portions of your site have been fully indexed along with your standard site. So how do you stop Google from visiting these pages?

Why Links Matter?

Often anyone that knows anything about search engine optimization will tell you that links are important or better say; really important, most of the small business owners that Jennifer Laycock spoken with really don’t have any idea of why links matter beyond the simple concept that links will help them rank better. She explains in her article Why Links Matter, that search engines place so much value on links when it comes to determining your web site’s ranking.

How to Spend Your SEO Budget

The other day I wrote an article called How to Spend Your SEO Budget, and I thought it would of been a great idea to share it with you. I would be glad if you would give some comments to it.