New Web Technologies and SEO Forum Growing Quickly

July 3rd, 2010

Nearly a month has passed since the SEO Workers Web Technologies & SEO Forum was launched, and John S. Britsios, CEO of SEO Workers, reports that growth has continued at a healthy pace.

When asked how the new high-powered community was progressing, John had this to say:

We’ve got nearly sixty members now, over a period of a little over three weeks, and that’s pretty good, really. We’re still hoping to see a few more major players in the industry join, but our membership is growing at a good rate. Remember, we’re not after quantity… we’re looking for quality.

There’s one thing we have to remember,” added Britsios. “These people are all busy professionals. A lot of them travel a lot, and they have clients to take care of, and that has to come first. They’ll get around to joining in, when time allows. We’re not going to chase after them and try to pester them into coming in and posting, just so they’ll be on our membership list… that’s not what this is all about. We’ve talked to many of them, and they know we’re here, and that we’ve reserved a place for them. When it happens, it happens.

Sixty vetted members in less than a month really is fairly respectable growth. Some forums don’t see that much increase even after months of operation. When asked about the other aspect of the forum that promised to make it special – zero tolerance for spammers and link-droppers, John said,

The staff has been right on top of that, from the beginning. They usually know who’s signed up, before the person has even received their confirmation e-mail. We haven’t had any problems yet, and I don’t expect any. The security we put in place gives us as tight a control as anyone could hope for. They aren’t a problem.

We’ll be watching, John… watching patiently, and hoping for big things.

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