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Internet Marketing – Measuring your Advertising Dollars

Whether you’re a local off-line business who needs to develop an internet strategy or an online retailer or affiliate marketing that needs to attract more traffic, internet marketing is a crucial part of success.

One of the main reasons that internet marketing is important for business advertising is that it allows you to measure your advertising dollars in a way that traditional advertising–even word-of-mouth–cannot measure.

Tracking your Efforts
Virtually all methods of internet marketing allow you to track the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of your efforts. What other advertising method–be it radio, TV, word-of-mouth, billboard, sign walker, door-to-door flier distribution, or newspaper advertising–allows you to automatically track how many people viewed your advertisement, acknowledged it, and contacted you because they saw your ad?

The answer: none.

On the other hand, banner advertisements, pay-per-click internet marketing campaigns, article marketing, and many other methods of internet marketing allow you to track your advertisements.

For example, using a program such as Google AdWords for your pay-per-click campaigns gives you tools for viewing which advertisements have been clicked as well as a rough estimate of how many times your ad has been displayed (e.g. ad impressions).

Modifying your Internet Marketing Campaign
With an internet marketing campaign, you have the ability to change your marketing efforts (i.e. ad text, images, sales copy, etc) to make it more effective. This means that you can adjust your internet marketing plan based on the metrics on which you’re gauging the success of your advertising strategy.

This, along with the benefits of getting more traffic to your website and getting your business more exposure, is why internet marketing is so crucial for your marketing efforts.

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